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Southwest Virginia Songwriters Association

Photo Gallery Of Marc's Live Performances (Scroll down for videos)

Below are a few photos and videos of Marc playing music with some of his "friends in low places" (as well as a few high places). If you have photos of Marc or some of the bands that he plays with, request Marc's email via the contact page and send them to him. We may include some good ones in the photo gallery. Be sure to let us know who to credit for the photos or artwork and where they were taken.

*Scroll down to view videos.

Marc's grandaughter, Addie, requested a cover of You've Got A Friend. Marc winks at her in the beginning of the video.

The Marc Baskind Trio with John Yates and Kelly Gravely performing for the City of Pulaski Concert Series.

*Note: The email in the above video is an old email address. To contact Marc use his current email (marc@marcbaskind.com) or visit his contact page.